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 West Coast Fishing and Wilderness Expert

19 years of experience sport-fishing and guiding the west coast & northern Vancouver Island waters. My sport fishing career began on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in Winter Harbour, Fishing the rugged west coast waters for 6 seasons gave me the experience to handle rougher sea conditions with ease. 

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Port Hardy is a pristine area and is by far my favorite location to fish, and it is a world-renowned fishing location. The calm waters on the north side of Vancouver Island make it much more enjoyable than being on the Wild West coast. Additionally, there are several highly productive areas to fish which can result in catching daily limits - and in some cases this happens in just a few hours!

  • SALMON: The majority of salmon fishing is done close to shore in shallow waters of roughly 60 feet or less. This fishing is my favorite as it usually consists of reel-smoking battles and a lot of fun!
  • HALIBUT: Halibut fishing is a much different experience compared to salmon. I will anchor the boat allowing our bait scent to draw in the halibut. This style of fishing is typically productive and especially for the larger sized fish.
  • LING COD and Snapper are caught by drifting over steep ledges while jigging.

 Other species landed by guests include: various Sole, Cabazon, Albacore Tuna, Skate, Greenling and the many species of Rockfish that school about the reefs."

 Chinook Salmon (king) are targeted from Mid May- Mid September and as the summer heats up the Coho (silver) become large part of the action.

"In addition to fishing, you'll also be viewing some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, awesome wildlife encounters and an all around appreciation of a truly balanced eco-system. As an amateur naturalist, I share my knowledge of the B.C. west coast and Vancouver Island. Every day of the summer our guests enjoy whale watching. We encounter Humpback, Minke and Gray whales. Every week the Orcas cruise by. Make sure to bring a camera!"

How many Starfish do you know?

When fishing the waters off Port Hardy on Vancouver Island, you'll find the shores and shallows are dotted with starfish.

Starfish on Rocks

Some of the species you may see are:

  • Sunstar starfish
  • Sunflower starfish
  • Rose starfish
  • Vermillion starfish
  • Blood starfish
  • Pink starfish
  • Mottled starfish
  • Leather starfish
  • Basket starfish
  • Six-rayed starfish
  • Purple starfish
  • Bat starfish
  • Brittle starfish

Our fishing charters / wilderness tours are an ecological adventure. Starting from our home base in Port Hardy, we introduce you to the native flora and fauna of Vancouver Island, B.C.

We also specialize in bird-watching and help enthusiasts spot the many species found among the islands on B.C.'s west coast.

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In addition to great fishing, experience the wonder of the west coast see humpback whales, dolphins, bald eagles, killer whales with star fish charters