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Where to stay in and around Port Hardy

There are many accommodation options available in the Port Hardy area, ranging from luxury Bed and Breakfast accommodation to campgrounds. Depending on your requirements, we are able to give you verbal recommendations, so feel free to call us, or contact us and we will be happy to make a suggestion. Here's a list that may be helpful:

We have had positive feedback for listings with asterisk *

North Shore Inn Port Hardy


AnOceanstorm B&B
Michele & Dave
Phone: 250-949-9611
Cell: 250-731-5872

Eagle's Nest *
Louise and Dennis Dugas
Phone: 250-949-6367
Cell: 250-949-0367

First Choice B&B *
Marty & Sharon Whitehead
Phone: 250-949-7524
Cell: 250-230-2520

Fran’s View B & B
Phone: 250-902-0711
Toll-free: 1-855-230-3726

Oceanvue B&B *
Beverly & Jerry Reed
Phone: 250-949-8302

Old Skipper B&B
Gunnar & Darlene Kufaas
Phone: 250-949-7456

Air BnB - Dilon Dirom

Phone :250-230-4878

Scotia Bay B&B *
Sandra Masales
Phone: 250-949-7338

Telco House B&B *
Gordon and Christine Patterson
Phone: 250-949-7828

The Marina B&B
Bill & Cindy Milligan
Phone: 250-949-6627


Quarterdeck Inn *
6555 Hardy Bay Road Port Hardy, BC
(250) 902-0455

Airport Inn *
Phone: 250-949-6533

Glen Lyon Inn *
Phone: 250-949-7115




Camping & RV Sites

Port Hardy RV Resort *
Phone: 250-949-8111
Tollfree: 1-855-949-8188

Scotia Bay Resort *
Phone: 250-949-6484

Quatse River Campground *
Phone: 250-949-2395

Wildwood Campsites *
Phone: 250-949-6753

Cabins in Port Hardy

Cottages and Cabins 

Bear Cove Cottages *
Phone: 250-949-7939

Ecoscape Cabins *
Phone: 250-949-8524
Cell: 250-949-1216

North Coast Cottages *
Phone: 250-902-0484
Cell: 250-230-0421


C&N Backpackers
Email: cnnbackpackers.porthardy@...
Phone: 250-949-3030

North Coast Trail Backpackers 
Phone: 250-949-9441

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