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West Coast Wildlife Viewing & Wildlife Photography

Get close to West Coast wildlife with the expert guidance of Starfish Charters. From his base in Port Hardy on northern Vancouver Island, Ryan will take you to view and photograph some of the region's most amazing, elusive and endangered species.

Once you've booked your charter, you can look forward to seeing and learning more about the following species. 

Grizzly Bear Knight Inlet

Big Black Bears. You'll see them on the beaches in May, June and early July or grazing the roadside clover as you drive into Port Hardy. 

Grizzly Bears are found on the mainland shore in Smith Inlet, Seymour Inlet and Knight Inlet. Imagine coming home with a photograph of one of these giants!

Coast Black Tail Deer are a dainty semi-tame species that inhabit nearly every small island in the Port Hardy area. These small, beautiful animals can often be seen grazing on kelp at low tide, giving you the opportunity for an unforgettable photograph. 

Tidal Species including crabs, shellfish and starfish are found on the region's isolated beaches. In the early evening green toads decend on to the beaches for a meal of kelp flies. Quite a sight to see hundreds of red striped green toads littering the beach.

Pacific White-sided Dolphins

Whales put on quite a dazzling performance for us almost everywhere in the region. In the summer there are large congregations of Humpback Whales, beach dwelling Gray Whales and solitary Minke Whales. The salmon run draws the Orca (killer) Whales. You'll also see the aquatic acrobatics of the Pacific White Side Dolphins, Harbor Porpoises and Dahl's Porpoises.

Stellar Sea Lions have a large rookery on the northeast side of Hope Island. Once you've seen them body surf, you'll agree they're better entertainment than a Hollywood blockbuster. 

Sea Otters are now abundant in the whole northeast of Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte straight. Cute, curious and playful, Sea Otters entertain with their aquatic antics and by examining you as you examine them.

Mink and River Otters scamper along the shoreline and are never shy, whether you are watching or not. 


One of the most popular of Starfish Charters' services are wilderness tours designed to find and/or photograph the many species of birds which inhabit the west coast.

From raptors, to sea birds, shore birds, and land birds, the islands are home to a wide range of species. 

Bird Watching Bald Eagle

Peregrine Falcons drop from the skies like heat-seeking missiles when they spot prey. From their wilderness nests they soar over the islands, seeking species like the Cassins Auklet . 

Bald Eagles are found throughout the area. They often hang around the fish cleaning tables in Port Hardy sitting only 15 to 20 feet away as they wait for scraps. 

Ready for a close-up tour of Vancouver Island waters and wildlife? Starfish Charters is now accepting reservations.

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In addition to great fishing, experience the wonder of the west coast see humpback whales, dolphins, bald eagles, killer whales with star fish charters