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Halibut Fishing on Vancouver Island

Halibut fishing offers all the thrills an angler wants, culminating in a trophy photo with a fish almost as big as the fisherman. Check out the photo gallery.

Halibut can weigh more than 300 pounds and catches of 100 pound plus are common.

Halibut Fishing on Vancouver Island

Being a flatfish similar to sole and flounder, Halibut lay flat on the sea floor under a dusting of gravel, waiting for an unsuspecting crab, octopus or fish to pass by. Deep water fishing is required to catch these giants. We use deep sea rods "Ugly Stick" and Penn330gt2 level wind reels for these fish. Halibut are commonly caught in the early summer but we maintain a steady catch rate regardless.

This species is well-managed by the International Pacific Halibut Commission in consort with Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and are in no danger of depletion.

When you fish for Halibut, you're likely to hook many different types of fish, so you'll be taking home a large mixed catch.

Halibut Fishing from Port Hardy

Halibut are the fish of choice for fish and chips! They can be cleaned, packaged and frozen at the "Hardy Buoys" facility for your travel home. If you prefer, the frozen fish can be delivered right to your door.

To watch us catching "The Really Big One,"click here

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