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Red Snapper Fishing on BC's Coast

Red Snapper fishing charters are an excellent choice for anglers seeking a unique deep water fishing challenge for their Port Hardy fishing trip.

Red Snappers are properly called Yellow Eye Rockfish. They are plentiful near Port Hardy and are among the most beautiful to catch. Found 200 feet or more down on the deep edges of reefs, these fish are hooked with fish bait or jigs.

Red Snapper Fishing

The Red Snapper's body is bright orange and its eyes are large and gold. At 20 pounds, these fish are an excellent table fish, roasted with light spice and tomato or sun dried tomato. Once you have your catch, we'll share our favorite recipes.

Another interesting feature of these fish is the Otolith or ear bone which when removed from the skull, makes an attractive piece of jewelery. They look like polished ivory leaves about an inch long.

A Red Snapper fishing charter gives you a catch - and a photo - that will make you proud.

Red Snapper Fishing from Port Hardy

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In addition to great fishing, experience the wonder of the west coast see humpback whales, dolphins, bald eagles, killer whales with star fish charters