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Salmon fishing with Starfish Charters

Salmon fishing is synonymous with B.C. fishing charters. Port Hardy on Vancouver Island has access to some of the world's greatest salmon fishing.

At Starfish Charters, we know where the salmon are. We leave the shore at 5:30 am and promise a full day of exciting salmon fishing. We've pinpointed many “inshore tacks”, so the fishing continues through the afternoon, even in windy weather.


Starfish Charters uses 10'6 Mooching rods equipped with MR 3 Islander reels. Many 20 to 30 lb Chinook Salmon are common from May - September, with some catches weighing up to 50 lbs (or more!!). Salmon fishing trips end mid-afternoon, which allows time to get the fish processed. Starfish Charters recommends "Hardy Buoys" fish processors for quality processing. By the time you're ready to return home, your fish is cleaned, packaged, frozen and travel-ready. 

For more time on the water, book a package fishing charter of two or more days. Multiple days allows more fishing time and give you a possession limit (twice the daily limit) which ensures a delightful supply of the finest fish for the winter months ahead. 

Only on the final day of the fishing charter does the water time have to be cut short to allow time for fish processing.Unless you plan on staying the night after your final day of fishing, if this is the case you can pick up your processed and vacuum sealed catch between 9 am-6 pm the next day at Hardy Buoys.

As an added bonus, you'll see some of the most spectacular scenery in the world as you cruise the pristine wilderness along B.C.'s Vancouver Island and mainland shores. 

Bring your camera - you'll be filming more than just the big one!


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In addition to great fishing, experience the wonder of the west coast see humpback whales, dolphins, bald eagles, killer whales with star fish charters