Fishing Charter Rates

Looking for some great SalmonHalibut, or Tuna fishing? Or maybe you are looking for an unforgettable wilderness adventure off the shores of Vancouver Island? Starfish Charters is your expert guide for both, based out of Port Hardy on Vancouver Island's northern shores.

Join us where the fish are biting, the whales are playing, the eagles are soaring, and the bears are foraging. Our services include fishing charters, wilderness tours, kayaking support, birdwatching, and more.


Areas-small.jpgRates for 2023

Standard rates for the boat are based on fuel holding at $1.50/litre and are for an 8-10 hour day starting at 05:00 - 06:00 (depending on the month) to 14:30-16:00 pm (tide dependent).  Should fuel prices rise over $1.50, a surcharge will be applied.

Area 11-12: 25+ nautical miles

$1925.00 per day for 4 guests ($481/person)
$1775.00 per day for 3 guests or less

Area 10, 111 and 127: 35-45 nautical miles

Additional fee of $500.00 per day
Weather and tide dependent for these areas

PLEASE NOTE: These rates are NOT per person, they are for the guide and the boat per day. All fees must be paid in Canadian Dollars + 5% Tax.

Please call 1-403-703-1727 for bookings, or reserve online!

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My busiest months are May,June, July and August , in part because they are the best for Salmon Halibut Fishing.

To secure dates for the upcoming season, a $600.00/day down payment is required. Cancel 60 days prior, and you'll have your down payment refunded. If you need to cancel after the 60 day period, another date can be chosen during the season or for the following year(s).

We also offer Package Tours, which include:

  • Accommodation in Port Hardy
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Custom processing and freezing of your catch, ready to travel home with you
  • Complimentary guide to the pubs and restaurants in the Port Hardy area
  • A booking fee will apply
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Vessel Capacity

Fishing Charters: 4 Guests + 1 Guide

Wildlife & Sightseeing Tours: 5 Guests + 1 Guide